Health Services Research

The Major in Health Services Research involves the study of the roles of organizations, finance, manpower, technology, and prevention in the provision of health care services, and their impact on utilization, cost, and quality of care. It explains the last mile to the patient by bridging between clinical research and medical care performed under everyday conditions. The goal is the provision of higher quality, more efficient medical care to populations.

The Major in Health Services Research introduces the research domains of the health system and covers the basic methodological tools necessary to examine access, utilization, quality and cost of health care. A focus will be to learn the methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of health services for populations. Specific topics covered are:

  • Review and Analysis of Health Systems
  • Structure and Outcomes of Health Care
  • Assessing Health System Performance
  • Data and Information Sources for Health Services Research
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness – Randomized Controlled Trials, Comparative Clinical Effectiveness and Policy Research
  • Regulations in Health Care Provision and related Research

The learned practical skills are equally important for stakeholders in private health care organizations, decision makers in health policy and researchers in academia. Thus, the Major program is designed for students with interest in research methodology who have a commitment to dedicate their career in improving health care services.

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